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Unbiased review – really as independent as it claims?

In this Unbiased review, we look at how you can quickly and easily get advice from a financial professional. Unbiased reviews the market and selects appropriate options based on your needs.

We love educating ourselves about money. There are times, however, that call for a certified professional. This is where Unbiased steps in and helps connect you with the right people.

What is Unbiased?

For some, finding a financial professional can be a daunting task. Unbiased is a free to use website that helps connect you to people that can help based on your needs. That professional can either be chosen based on location or by skillset.

Incredibly, Unbiased boasts 27,000 qualified financial advisors, mortgage brokers and accountants. So think of Unbiased as Google for finance professionals.

Check out here.

How to find help with Unbiased?

To find your financial professional, simply browse to and click ‘find me an expert’ in the top right of the site.

From there, you’ll have a few choices based on your requirements. Select what you’re looking for from Financial Advisor, Mortgage Advisor or Accountant. After that, you just fill in a few more questions. At the end, you’ll get a free text field to fill in a few personal requirements. For example, ‘I want someone who can review my choice of pension investments’).

Once you have completed filling in your details, Unbiased sends you an email. This will confirm that it is matching a professional with your requirements. Within 48 hours you’ll get the details of who it believes is the best match for your needs.

Below is a quick video of how it works:

How to choose your financial professional with Unbiased

Using the ‘find me an expert‘ option matches you up with a single local professional. However, if you want complete choice, then use the ‘browse professionals‘ option.

If you select browse professionals you only need to enter a few details. Unbiased will then list all professionals within that category for you. You can narrow your search further by using the checkboxes on the left-hand side.

If you are looking at getting a few quotes or are unsure how much you should pay, then this is usually a better option.


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How was my Unbiased experience?

As part of this Unbiased review, we roadtested it personally to see if it stacks up to the claims.

I am currently reviewing my Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP and Stocks and Shares ISA, so I thought it would be worth having my portfolio checked over by a professional. I selected the ‘find me an expert‘ option and then the Financial Advisor, Pensions & Retirement and Pension Review options. After this, I added a few more personal details and submitted my request.

The initial email said Unbiased would find me someone suitable within 48hrs. However, thirty minutes later the match had been made and I received my confirmation email. You can see the timings on the image of my inbox below.

Unbiased Review Response Time

The recommended IFA was someone I knew personally and who had a great local reputation. They reached out shortly after and we began chatting through my requirements.

The whole process felt really slick and gave me a great deal of personal reassurance. That being said, not everyone will know the financial professional you get recommended. So it’s worth doing your own research to make sure they can fulfil your needs.

How much does Unbiased cost?

Unbiased connects you to the right professional for free. Once you have chosen your professional, you’ll need to pay them directly for the advice or service you receive(d).

The way Unbiased makes its money is from the advisors who choose to list themselves on the website. Advisors pay a listing fee to Unbiased for being featured in the search.

How much will my financial advice cost?

Most advisers offer a free first meeting – this is their opportunity to explain what they can do for you.

Advice differs depending on your requirements. Unbiased has produced a Cost of Advice Tool that gives you a rough estimate of how much you should be budgeting.

To use the tool simply follow this link and add what you are looking for. I was looking for a general financial review and the tool suggested the average cost for this type of advice is £800.

Please be aware that Unbiased can only provide an average cost. Each of us will have different requirements and of course, financial advisors will charge different fees depending on the size of the practice, specialities and location.

Estimate the cost of your financial professional here.

Further to this, Unbiased is currently offering £50 off any follow-up advice after a free financial review if you choose to proceed. To take advantage of this, just follow this link to learn more.

Unbiased Free Financial Review

What we like about Unbiased

As Unbiased provides matchmaking services, the points below from our Unbiased review cover what we like about the website and not the financial professionals provided.

  • Ease of useUnbiased does all the hard work for you. You simply enter a few details covering what you are looking for and then go put your feet up. You’ll get an email back within 48hrs (I got mine within 30 minutes!)
  • It’s free – you can look up a list of locally qualified professionals that meet your criteria for free. There is no obligation to pay for any service.
  • £50 off a follow-up – Unbiased currently have £50 off any follow-up advice regarding Financial Planning, Investments or Pensions

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What we don’t like about Unbiased

  • Lack of fee visibility – you need to contact each professional for a quote for the type of work you require. A ballpark can be estimated using this Tool.
  • Advisor ranking – Advisors are listed by distance from you, the closest being top. This doesn’t mean the top is the most suitable.
  • Customer ratings – professionals are given responsiveness ratings but not rated on customer reviews. This means you have to do your own research on advisor suitability.

Unbiased reviews

The Unbiased website is littered with great reviews. This is further backed up by the independent review site Trustpilot, where customers rate Unbiased 4.1 out of 5 based on over 5,000 reviews.

The excellent feedback on Trustpilot includes words such as easy to use, fast, helpful and friendly. My experience was similar. I felt that the site was easy to use and I was connected quickly to a professional.

Some of the negative reviews on Trustpilot highlight issues with the chosen provider not getting back to people. While this is frustrating, I don’t feel it’s fair to blame this on Unbiased as it’s a problem with the finance company.

Another issue highlighted was the lack of choice. My guess is that these users choose the ‘find me an expert‘ option where Unbiased matches you up with a specific company. If you would prefer a wider choice, then it’s best to use the ‘browse professionals‘ option.

Unbiased Review - conclusion

Fundamentally, we enjoyed the experience when writing this Unbiased review.

Unbiased provides an excellent service for those looking for advice from a certified professional. Educating yourself as much as you can is a good idea. That said, it’s always prudent to get things checked over. 

Remember though, it does not rate or qualify the professionals listed. Therefore, make sure you speak to a few and do your homework.

One of the other main drawbacks is that you can’t compare fees or independent reviews. This is where I really think Unbiased has missed a trick. Unbiased has provided a useful tool to give you an estimate however, advisors are not obliged to honour this price. This means you have to do a little extra groundwork to ensure you get value for money.

Even with the reviews and prices issues, we still feel Unbiased offers a great matchmaking service. You simply enter what you need help with and a directory of qualified professionals are at your fingertips, all for free!

Check out Unbiased for yourself here.

If you still have questions, please come join our supportive UK Personal Finance club on Facebook. You will find other like-minded individuals. It’s a safe, private community where you can ask questions and learn more about making the most of your money. Best of all, it’s free! I’d love to see you there.

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Unbiased Free Financial Review does not offer financial advice and is intended for reference/information only. Remember, you should always carry out your own research and/or take specific professional advice before choosing any financial products or services or undertaking any business or financial venture. If you need financial advice Unbiased can connect you with a suitable professional for free. Investments may go up as well as down and you may get back less than you put in.