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If you are still asking yourself what’s the best savings account or should I move my money from a 0.5% to a 0.6% savings account, then you’re are asking yourself the wrong questions. Those are £10 per year questions for most people. Focusing on these questions is going to distract you from greater financial goals. It can also lead to stress and lots of personal admin time as you search out the current best place to park your spare cash.

We are here to help you create a money mindset that focuses on the £10,000 questions and not the £10 ones. We want you to have a system that takes the financial stress away and frees up your headspace for living and enjoying life.

3 Essential Reads for Saving and Investing

Beginners Guide to Investing

No one has ever got rich earning 0.5% in a savings account! Are you missing out? Find out if investing could be for you.

Ultimate ISA Guide

Get the most out of these tax-free financial wrappers and see how you could benefit even if you’re saving for a house or retirement.

Premium Bonds

With interest rates on savings accounts so low, could this be a great, risk-free place to park your savings or Emergency Fund


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Build a great savings habit

A third of British adults have less than £600 in savings (source). With so little in savings, people risk financial ruin from even a minor life event like a car breakdown. In this situation, you have no plan B, no backup plan and no way to dig yourself out of a hole should it occur. Your finances are built on shaking foundations.

Eat Sleep Money are here to help you build solid financial foundations and keep your finances in shape. Before you consider where to place your savings make sure you have your budget in order. We have created a great budgeting article that can transform your finances. It requires no spreadsheets and is build on our Financial Fitness Plan, an easy to follow system for completely overhauling your finances.

Why trust us? What do we know? Well, we’ve been there and got the t-shirt. We’ve been £30,000 in debt and dug ourselves out of that hole and are now striving towards Financial Independence. This is our big goal! We couldn’t even imagine being able to have our sights on that goal without the things we have learnt and documented on this site.

We want to share that journey with you! Hopefully, you can learn from our mistakes so you can get to your own financial goal quicker.

Savings vs Investing

Building financial wealth requires using a combination of all the savings and investing tools out there. Your choice of tool is down to your own appetite for risk. All I can share is what we do and why we do it. Educating yourself is one of the most important ways you can improve your financial fitness.

If you haven’t set a budget or paid off debt then do this first. Next, make sure you have an Emergency Fund. Getting these things right means you have a solid foundation to build on.

Your choice to invest, saving, add to your pension or pay off your mortgage is a personal one. If you’d like to discuss your choices with other like-minded individuals and the ESM team then check out our Facebook community.

Here’s to financial fitness

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