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Our Philosophy

Eat Sleep Money is run by a small team of two and we are obsessed with money…just in a good way. Which is why the site is called Eat Sleep Money – we found ourselves constantly thinking, talking and learning about money.

We love to geek out on personal finance and soon found ourselves wanting to share what we had learnt, so others can improve themselves financially. Because this stuff just isn’t taught enough and is sadly lacking from our education system.

We believe that personal finance has a huge impact on mental health. Being in debt and lying awake at night worrying about money is a problem that most adults will experience at some point in their lives. We want to help reduce this stress by teaching some of the lessons we have learnt over the years.

We’ve made quite a few good decisions…and some bad ones, which hopefully we can all learn from. This site is not a finance lecture by your in-laws. It’s designed to provide support, help and guidance. We can all learn together about getting better at all things money, to empower ourselves and live our best lives.

Here’s to Financial Fitness!

Who is this site for?

Everyone, because money, love it or hate it, effects us all.
Wanting to be better with our personal finances can be for a number of different reasons:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Significant life changes, like having a child, a new career or moving location – these are all things that make us refocus on our personal finances
  • Reducing your living costs
  • Removing stresses, worries and arguments about money
  • Planning for retirement
  • Pursuing Financial Independence
  • Leaving a legacy for loved ones
  • Or just making more money!

The Three Money Missions

We set up Eat Sleep Money with three Money Missions at the core:

  1. Useful information in one place
  2. UK Specific
  3. Access for all

Not wanting to sound too cheesy (and this stuff has been kinda over-done), we really just want to make it easy for everyone in the UK to learn more and get better with money.

So what's on the site?

We’ve learnt a lot along the way. In fact, we’re planning on learning a whole lot more in the future, too. And this is where we’ll be sharing those lessons, in the form of:

  • Experiments – we love trying out new personal finance hacks we’ve learnt about
  • Reviews – of resources and tools we’ve used
  • Comparisons – to help make decision making that bit easier
  • Guides – on fundamental stuff we think it’s good to have down
  • Consumer information – if we’ve found it hard to find all the information, we’ve consolidated it here
  • General musings – on topics that may be currently in the media, or perhaps just a bit off-piste.

Our vision is that Eat Sleep Money becomes an online equivalent to hanging out at the coffee house, pub or your kitchen. A place where you can shoot the breeze with others that also want to get better at looking after their money.

Many people feel they can’t talk about money to their friends and family. Income or salary may be a taboo subject or debt may not be something you want to share. Sometimes it can just be good to talk about that sorta thing with strangers. Join our UK Personal Finance Club on Facebook here.

There's so much out there!

We were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there when we set out on our own financial journeys (urgh, hate that word, sorry about that.) The interweb, books, podcasts, e-guides, traditional media…it goes on. Where do you start?

And then all the different niche topics that were spread about in different places: clearing debt, investing, how to reduce costs, Financial Independence.

We just didn’t know who to believe or where to start. It can get really confusing.

What we really wanted was one place, one site, which had done the hard work for us. We wanted information distilled down in plain and simple language that we could use to help us make important financial decisions that would improve our money game and tailor to our personal goods.

We talked about finance a lot. Like, all the time. We would shoot the breeze for hours (beer or coffee at hand, naturally) something we just heard on a podcast or read in a book. Did we agree with it? Did the numbers stack? Could it work in the UK?

Can this work in the UK?

That last point in particular really hit home to us.

So much of the information out there we were consuming was US-centric. For example, we spent a long time debating the ‘hacks’ and techniques around 401ks and Roth IRAs (US retirement plans) and translating them to their UK equivalents to see if they would still work here.

What we worked out was that rather than retro-fit US specific personal finance strategies, we needed to work them from the ground up. We had to take everything about the UK in to account; the domestic financial institutes, systems, and products, our political landscape and our unique culture.

We don’t get no education

The last five years have been a financial education and pivotal in improving our personal finance game. But what became really apparent to us, was the even better place we would be in today dad we started in our early 20s, or even earlier.

Had we known then, what we know now, man our lives would be so much different… a good way. But the interweb was only just starting to lurch into life and they definitely weren’t teaching us about money and personal finance in school.

And they still don’t. Which frankly, is criminal. We are all conditioned to earn money, contribute to society then spend that money. But are we taught how debt works? Are we guided on planning for retirement as soon as we enter the workforce? Do we get educated on good personal finance habits such as budgeting and saving. Nope, nadda, nein.

We Need You!

Eat Sleep Money can only be truly successful and fulfil its purpose if meets the needs of its readers and adds value.

So if you have an idea of what else should be on here, or how to grow the Eat Sleep Money Community, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch.


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