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Look After My Bills review – huge savings, minimal time

Let’s be honest, nobody likes scouring the market for the best energy deals. In fact, according to Ofgem, 57% of households could be on a cheaper tariff. This could be costing you hundreds of pounds a year. It’s an annoying task to undertake each year, even if you remember! Frankly, we’ve better things to be doing and don’t have the time, right? Well, this Look After My Bills review could change all of that for you.

Look After My Bills promises to constantly check the market for the best deals and switch your provider automatically. It’s like having a virtual assistant to help you save money! In fact, it claims to save the average customer £250 per year. Sounds great, so what’s the catch and is it the best service out there?

Who is Look After My Bills?

Founded in 2014, by two friends with an entrepreneurial spirit, Look After My Bills (LAMB) has evolved from a one-time energy switching deal service to the leading auto-switching service.

The two entrepreneurs impressed the BBC Dragons’ Den team in 2018. Amazingly, they received offers from all five dragons! The pair walked away from the den having secured additional funding and the backing of Tej Lalvani and Jenny Cambell. It was hailed as the best deal in Dragons’ Den history. At that time, Dragons’ Den had been running for 13 years over 16 series!

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What is an energy auto-switching service?

Put simply, auto-switching (also known as automatic switching) is the easiest way to move energy supplier and save money on your bills. It’s the modern way to look after your bills without the headache and hassle of comparison sites.

Importantly, auto-switching means the switching process is managed for you. It’s a system that works in the background to find the best energy deal for you and switches you over automatically. The auto-switching process notifies your old supplier that you’re leaving and sets up the direct debit with your new energy supplier.

Once set up, this service will continually check the market and ensure you’re on a great energy deal.

Why do I need Look After My Bills?

If you haven’t switched energy suppliers in the last 12 months, you are probably paying more than you should. According to Ofgem, 57% of people are on the Standard Variable Tariff (SVT). Worryingly, the SVTs offered by energy suppliers are typically the most expensive tariff.

Most people inadvertently find themselves on an SVT, as they don’t swap suppliers or renegotiate after their initial deal ends. This is typically after the first year.

Furthermore, many people don’t even know when their original contract is up. As a result, energy suppliers know people forget or can’t be bothered, so this is where they make all their money. In fact, they rely on you not taking action.

There are currently around 70 different energy suppliers on the market, yet despite the vast choice, most people still don’t switch regularly. Because simply, it’s a hassle and there are better things you can be doing that trawling comparison sites. This is where Look After My Bills steps in as your personal energy assistant to save you from your inaction, by doing it all for you. But, best of all, it’s completely free!


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How does Look After My Bills work?

Look After My Bills automatically scans the market for the best rates available based on your area and usage. Once it finds a good deal for you it will offer you to switch. You simply follow the instructions and Look After My Bills takes care of everything else.

Furthermore, this process is repeated periodically, typically yearly, to ensure you always stay on a great tariff without the hassle of searching the market yourself. If you can save £50 or more, LAMB will notify you and suggest a new supplier.

Importantly, Look After My Bills doesn’t supply your energy, they simply act as the matchmaker between you as the customer and the energy supplier. This means if you have a problem with your energy supply you speak to the supplier and not Look After My Bills. It also means that once your energy supply switch is completed, you deal with the new energy supplier directly until Look After My Bills finds you a better deal.

How do I join Look After my Bills?

Look After My Bills is free to join and only takes around two minutes to set up. You will need:

  • An email address
  • Address information
  • Latest energy bill
  • Direct debit details

Make sure you have the above ready before you start, so the whole process can be completed quickly. You can start the join Look After My Bills here.

Look after My Bills Review - How it works

Look After My Bills claims to save new customers on average around £250. After this, Look After my Bills will switch you to a new supplier if you can save more than £50. You’ll receive an email to advise you of the switch and the saving you can make. It’s up to you if you choose to switch. You always have the right to refuse the switch or stop using Look After my Bills.

Can I join if I am in a contract?

You can sign up for Look After My Bills at any time. When you join you’ll be asked when your current contract ends. Look After My Bills scan the market and send you a reminder when you can switch without penalty.

At that point, you can start your auto-switching journey. From then onwards you will get periodic nudges if better deals are available.

Is Look After My Bills the cheapest?

Look After My Bills aims to get you a fair deal. That may not mean the very cheapest. Look After My Bills are very transparent about the fact that they only work with energy suppliers that pay them a commission for switching your supply.

This means Look After My Bills makes money from the energy companies, not its customers. By doing this, Look After My Bills can keep the service free to use.

Of course, this does mean that they don’t have access to all the energy companies on the market, although they do claim to work with around 50 suppliers, which is a pretty good spread.

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Look After My Bills reviews

Look After My Bills has received great feedback from its customers on the independent customer review site, Trustpilot. They have a rating of 4.6 from over 12,000 reviews. This is a great achievement as most of the larger energy suppliers receive very poor ratings.

Remember though, the rating is for the auto-switching process and not for customer service or the underlying energy supplier that you will be switched to.

Look after my bills review - Trustpilot

Look After My Bills renewable green energy

When you join Look After my Bills you get the option to select renewable energy tariffs only. This means that 100% of the electricity sold to you will come from renewable sources like solar, wind & water.

This really appealed to me and it is becoming increasingly important to consumers.

On the other hand, gas cannot be guaranteed to be green by any supplier.

Look After My Bills login

You can access your Look After My Bills account here. From your account, you can review your service and see if there are any better deals.

Also, you can find your unique refer a friend code that could earn you some extra cash.

Refer a friend and share £40

Look After My Bills offers a refer a friend programme. You can share your unique code from the bottom of any email you receive or in your account to split then £40 with your friend.

Essentially, if your friend signs up to Look After My Bills, you get £10 each if they switch electric and another £10 for gas. This means you could earn £20 and your friend gets another £20.

However, while this is a great offer, if you plan to refer your friends and family, the best programme is offered by Octopus Energy. With Octopus Energy every tariff is 100% green and each referral will earn you £50 each, that’s £100 in total! You can find out more by reading our Octopus Energy review.

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Look After My Bills made Dragons’ Den history

Look After My Bills featured in the BBC’s Dragons’ Den in 2018.

The two best friends and budding entrepreneurs pitched their idea for the service that automatically switches your energy tariff to ensure you’re always on the best deal.

All five Dragons made an offer to invest in their company with Peter Jones stating “I think you’ve got a real chance of making this a success”.

The co-founders of Look After My Bills secured an investment of £120,000 for just 3% equity in their company, making it the best deal ever secured in the Den.

You can watch their appearance below:

How to contact Look After My Bills

You can contact Look After My Bills using the number below or by using the contact form (found here) on their website.

Look After My Bills: 020 3950 1166

Additionally, you can use the Help section of the website if you have any questions.

What we like about Look After my Bills

  • Easy to sign up – you can complete the whole process in just a few minutes.
  • It’s automated – switching energy suppliers is one of those tasks that we can easily forget about. This takes away the hassle.
  • Largest auto-switching service – as a result, Look After My Bills carries the most weight when negotiating with energy suppliers, bagging you a better deal.
  • Company ethos – we love innovation and we dig renewable energy that helps out the planet, so this certainly feels like the next generation of comparison sites.

What we don’t like

  • You might not get the best deal – by doing it yourself, you may save a few quid more if you are organised and have the time.
  • No switching bonus – as Look After My Bills receives a commission, it excludes you from getting cashback or ‘refer a friend’ bonus from suppliers. Others like Octopus Energy offers you and a friend £50 to switch each.
  • Dealing with different suppliers – once switched over, you still have to deal with different energy suppliers each time. It would be great if you submitted readings to Look After My Bills only.

Look After My Bills review - final thoughts

Look After My Bills provides an automated switching system to ensure you never overpay for your energy. It won’t guarantee that you get the absolute cheapest rate but it will keep you on a competitive tariff.

Of course, in an ideal world energy companies wouldn’t try to rip you off. However, we have to deal with the system we have and Look After My Bills can help take away this stress.

If you’ve forgotten to review your energy supplier and are on the standard variable tariff, then Look After My Bills could save you £250 a year.

Having a virtual energy-saving assistant that constantly reviews the market also removes one of those day-to-day financial tasks you know you really should do, but simply don’t. To see if you could save money, join Look After My Bills for FREE here.

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