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Kwil review – is a cheap online will writing service worth it?

In this Kwil review, we find out how this online will writing service compares to using a solicitor. It certainly appears to be convenient and cheap, but is it right for you? And when shouldn’t you use an online service?

Having a will is a fundamental pre-requisite to having healthy personal finances. Many simply think about debt, savings and budgeting. However, the reasons for making a will are truly compelling. From protecting loved ones to ensuring our wishes are respected. It is something we should all have in place and make a priority.

Today, there are many ways to make a will. The traditional solicitor route can often seem complex, expensive and a hassle. Online will services such as Kwil promise to make this process quick, simple and cheap. So, in this Kwil review, how does it stack up?

Heads up – we always aim to produce honest and accurate content. However, we are not financial advisors. If you need financial advice, Unbiased can connect you with a suitable professional for free. Some of our links may earn us a small commission to help us run the site.

Kwil is an online will writing platform specialising in wills, lasting power of attorney and probate. By simply completing an online form, the whole process can take as little as 20 minutes and cost the fraction of a traditional solicitor.

We all know we should have a will, yet most of us don’t. However, Kwil suggests there are certain occasions when we really should get it sorted.

  • Family planning.
  • Getting married/divorced.
  • Buying and selling a home.
  • Taking action before we become unwell.
  • Planning holidays and travel.

Why use an online will writing service?

Making a will in the UK is considered by many as the absolute cornerstone to good personal finance. Without a will in place, your estate (money, property, wealth etc) and your loved ones are highly vulnerable.

According to Co-op Legal Services, 60% of adults, or 31 million people, are letting the law decide who should benefit from their death.

Online will writing services like Kwil help you write a will without having to leave your house or deal with solicitors. If you want to learn more about why wills are so important then check out our article on will writing – solicitors vs online.

Five reasons to use the Kwil will writing service

1. Easy – simply follow the process and answer the questions. For me, this really was handy. One of the things that had put me off speaking with a solicitor was not knowing what to think about. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Pre-set sections and questions meant that the hard work had been done for me.

2. Unlimited updates – it is important to keep your will up to date as your life circumstances change. Traditional solicitor fees for making changes can put people off. The result is outdated wills that can turn things ugly when the time comes. So, by having unlimited and free updates, you can make sure your will reflects your current state of affairs.

3. Virtual Lockbox – it is vital to keep your will in a safe and secure place. Kwil takes care of this by including an online secure location. This can be accessed by your executors when you are longer around.

4. Free review – ensures your financial affairs are planned in the most tax-efficient manner.

5. Expert support – is on hand via webchat and phone seven days a week.

In addition, Kwil scores an impressive 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

You can also have confidence that Kwil employs an in-house legal team. It operates under the same legislation as solicitors and keeps up to date with legal changes.


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What is Kwil lockbox?

Kwil lockbox is a secure online facility where you can store all the information your executor will need when you die.

Here you can record details such as account details and numbers for banks, credit cards and pensions etc.

Plus, it houses useful information such as passwords for utility accounts and additional wishes for funeral arrangements.

This is a nifty tool which is arguably easier to update and share when the time comes, compared with a paper folder on a dusty shelf.

How does Kwil online will writing service work?

When writing this Kwil review, we like to check out the service first hand and this time is no different.

The whole point of an online will writing service is that it is quick and easy. With Kwil, this is a simple three-step process.

You can do this online, or alternatively, over the phone via the freephone number 0800 061 4934.

Step 1 - qualifying questions

Due to different regulations, the service is only available in England and Wales.

After registering with your email address or Facebook login, there are two quick questions to determine where you live and whether you own a home.

Step 2 - complete details

The next part of the process consisted of four sections:

One – personal details.

Two – trustees and executors.

Three – gifts and your estate.

Four – funeral wishes.

There is also a handy progress bar as you go through each step.

Plus, at each stage of the process, you can easily request help through the web chat or read the handy guides.

Step 3 - print

To make the will legally binding, an original document needs to be printed then signed in the presence of two witnesses.

It’s at this point that you’re asked to pay for the service.

Kwil review - what we liked

As we went through testing Kwil for this review, there were lots of things we liked.

QuickKwil says the process can take less than 20 minutes. In reality, we found that it took closer to 30 minutes. If you already know answers to the questions, it should be relatively quick. But do give it the time it deserves to make the right decision and enter accurate details.

Convenient – doing it all online was certainly easier than booking an appointment with a solicitor.

Value – certainly for a Couple’s Will, we couldn’t find a better value option in the online market. A single Will was similarly priced to that of competitors such as Beyond.

Blog – this section on the website has lots of really useful. There are concise articles that answer pertinent questions such as ‘what happens to your digital assets when you die‘ and the different types of will.

Kwil review - what we didn't like

We always look to offer balanced opinions and this Kwil review is no different.

Simple requirements only – this service is not set up to cater to more complex situations. This may be owning a property with someone you’re not married to/in civil partnership with or having a business.

In fairness though, this is a limitation of all online will writing services and Kwil will say this themselves.

In reality, there is very little to actually dislike about Kwil.

How much does Kwil will writing cost?

Pricing is nice and transparent.

A single will is £90, which us about the same as other online services.

For couples will through, it’s just £120. This makes Kwil one of the cheapest online providers we could find.

Importantly, this is a Couple’s Will, rather than a cheaper Mirror Will. This means each person can have their own specific will.

By comparison, when my wife and I used a solicitor for our will, it set us back about £350 for a Couple’s Will. We did have slightly more complex requirements, however.

Is Kwil online will writing better than a solicitor?

Kwil is the first to point out that it’s services are appropriate if your requirements are simple and straightforward.

There are a number of scenarios where they suggest considering using a solicitor:

  • Complex family arrangements (eg, including a person from a previous marriage).
  • Sharing a property with someone you’re not married to / is a civil partner.
  • Providing for those unable to care for themselves.
  • Including business assets.
  • If your permanent residence is outside of England or Wales.

Is the Kwil online will writing service any good?

Careful thought should be given as to whether an online will writing service is right for you. For us, we needed a solicitor due to having slightly more complex requirements.

But if you decide this is the right route for you, Kwil is a solid choice in our opinion. It proved to be convenient, quick and when compared to its rivals, offers great value for money.

Here’s to your Financial Fitness does not offer financial advice and is intended for reference/information only. Remember, you should always carry out your own research and/or take specific professional advice before choosing any financial products or services or undertaking any business or financial venture. If you need financial advice Unbiased can connect you with a suitable professional for free. Investments may go up as well as down and you may get back less than you put in.