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In this review, we take a deeper look at this unique platform and its unusual features. is more than just a crypto trading platform. Yes, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies but you can also earn interest and get cashback too!

In fact, is trying to bridge the gap between virtual cryptocurrencies and real money by allowing you to spend your crypto in real-time.

Yes, you have read that right; with you can have a Visa debit card. 

What’s more, will give you cashback on purchases. They’ll even pay for your Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions!

This truly is a unique service, so let’s check out whether or not it’s for you.

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Sign up to and get $25 worth of crypto free!

You can get $25 worth of cryptocurrency when you sign up by using this link and following the instructions below. And if you use the card, you can get 1% cashback on purchases too. Not only that but will actually pay for your Spotify subscription!

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How to get your free crypto:

1. Follow this link.

2. Complete the sign-up process including the KYC verification (ID Checks).

3. Your $25 is locked in a CRO wallet. It’ll be unlocked by signing up for a visa card. I choose the Ruby card as it’s free and provides cashback and free Spotify.


  • You only get free Crypto if you take out a Visa card. This requires you to stake money in CRO. At the time of writing, a stake of £300 was required for at least six months.
  • Your reward will be paid into your account in CRO. You can convert rewards into GBP once they’re unlocked.
  • The Visa card is a debit card so it shouldn’t impact your credit score.
  • The card can be used as a prepaid debit card, so you’ll need to move money onto your card to spend it.
  • Certain transactions like finances and utilities will not receive cashback.

Warning: You are staking money in a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile so you may not get back as much as your original stake.

What is

Primarily, is a cryptocurrency exchange. That means you can use it to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies, like you can on most platforms. But expands on this and allows you to do much more.

Typically, cryptocurrencies are hard to spend in the real world. steps in and offers a debit card to work alongside your crypto assets. That means you can hold your cryptocurrencies in the same account that you use to buy your Tesco shopping. Plus, most of the cards on offer reward you with cashback! is rapidly becoming a household name with celebrity appearances from the likes of Matt Damon and sponsorship of major American sporting venues. It boasts 10 million users in 90 countries making one of the largest players in the market.

Investing in crypto

New to investing in crypto? Don’t start your investing journey by making newbie mistakes. Here’s our beginner’s guide to get you started:

Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency – everything you need to know review - at a glance

  • Full-service cryptocurrency platform
  • Low-cost crypto trading
  • Buy and sell over 250 cryptocurrencies
  • Good for those looking to trade or simply hold crypto investments
  • Stake cryptocurrencies to earn more
  • Cashback debit card
  • Get subscriptions like Spotify free!
three screenshots of the app

[elementor-template id=”7737″] review - Key features

  • Buy and Sell Crypto – buy and sell over 250 cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto Wallet – store your crypto assets securely on the platform.
  • Earn Interest – you can stake your crypto and earn up to 12.5% interest.
  • Debit Card – spend your crypto in real-time and earn rewards.
  • Cashback – earn more crypto when spending with your debit card and get your Spotify paid for.

CRO Coin

CRO or Cronos is‘s own native cryptocurrency. It’s the underlying currency that allows you to spend in real-time.

CRO is a widely recognised cryptocurrency. It’s available on other exchanges so it’s not limited to account holders only.

You can buy, sell, trade, swap or hold CRO, just like other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you can stake CRO to earn even more.

The rewards and cashback you make with are typically paid in CRO.

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How do cards work?

The cards work just like your typical bank card. All you need to do is deposit money into your account to ensure you have sufficient funds for your purchases.

There are various tiers of cards available. Things start to get interesting from the Ruby Steel card upwards. That’s because the Ruby Steel card offers 1% cashback and will pay for your Spotify subscription. You also get a shiny red metal card…Mmm. But like with most shiny, pretty things in life, there’s a catch.

Unlike your high street bank, to obtain your card you will need to stake some cryptocurrency. Staking means you’ll need to buy and hold an amount of cryptocurrency for at least six months. The Ruby Steel card requires you to buy and stake at least £300 of CRO.

Any cashback and subscription refunds are paid back to you in CRO. You can choose to hold this reward, trade it for another crypto or convert it back to fiat currency.

Further rewards can be obtained but they do require you to stake significantly more CRO. For example, the Obsidian card requires a ridiculous stake of at least £300,000! Ruby coloured metal Visa Debit Card cards compared

For most mere mortals, the Ruby Steel is about as interesting as it’s going to get. Staking thousands is a risk. You’d need to spend huge amounts to make the cashback worth it.

So we’ve listed the main cards that offer benefits below. Yes, there are higher tiers but please look at these first before YOLOing your life savings…

Midnight Blue Ruby Steel Royal Indigo & Jade Green
CRO Stake £0 GBP £300 GBP £3,000
Cashback* 1% 2% 3%
Spotify rebate 100% 100%
Netflix rebate 100%
Airport lounge access You plus 1 guest cashback - what you need to know

Cashback is awesome but you need to be aware of some of the limitations:

  • Not all transactions qualify – transactions like wire transfers, utilities like electric and gas, credit card payments, certain insurances and financial transactions don’t count. The full list is here.
  • Cashback is paid in CRO – this means the value of your cashback can fluctuate if you leave it to accumulate. This is great if CRO goes up, not so good if it drops. We all know crypto is a rollercoaster!

Maximise your cashback by using TopCashback before purchasing anything online. TopCashback rewards will often be greater than those offered by Stacking them together will give you the highest pot of cashback.

Check out our TopCashback Review – too good to be true? to see if you’re missing out.

[elementor-template id=”7754″] earn - stake crypto and earn more

Your cryptocurrency can be used to earn a reward. The key to earning interest on your crypto is staking. Staking involves you committing to hold your chosen cryptocurrency for a fixed period of time. Then your reward comes in the form of interest.

You can choose from over 40 coins to stake including CRO and Bitcoin. Terms can be flexible or fixed for one or three months. Interest rates will vary based on your chosen coin. Currently, CRO and Bitcoin pay out at up to 6% per annum. Some of the less popular coins, like Tether, pays out at 10% per annum!

While these interest rates absolutely smash what you’ll get from a high street account you must remember that your investment is at far greater risk. Your initial stake can go up as well as down, so don’t stake more than you can afford to lose. fees

There’s no fee for holding money or crypto in your account. trading fees are 0.40%.

Lower fees equal more money in your pocket. trading fees are pretty low at 0.40%. This is a shade lower than Coinbase which charges 0.50%.

If you trade more than $25,000 per month or hold more than 5,000 CRO in your wallet then trading fees drop.

It’s free to deposit money into your account. Plus, your money is kept in pounds sterling which means there are no currency conversion fees. Bonus! review - what customers say must be doing something right. They claim to have 10 million users in 90 countries. We had a quick look in the app stores to see what their customers were saying.

Apple users gave a review of 4.3 (out of 5). Reviews were left by more than 72,000 users, and the negatives came predominantly from users who were having difficulty placing orders.

Android users rated 3.8 (out of 5). That rating is based on a massive 290,000 reviews! Some of the negative reviews relate to issues with the usability of the app.

Overall, I think the reviews are fair. I use Android and have had to restart the app on a few occasions. I also feel the app is a little cluttered, especially when compared to Coinbase. - Is your money safe? employs all the usual security features you’d expect from a global platform. These include biometric authentication, multi-factor authentication and anti-phishing measures.

In fact,‘s philosophy is based around Security and Privacy by design and by default. This philosophy is backed up by a slew of certifications including various ISO’s. What’s more, external testing is used to independently assess not only the security of users’ money and data, but also that of the CRO blockchain.

While this all might sound great, it’s important to understand that cryptocurrencies are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means you’re not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). And this applies to ALL crypto platforms.

What does this mean? Simply put, if a crypto platform were to go bust, it’s unlikely you’ll see your money again. You can reduce this threat by not keeping all of your crypto assets on an exchange. Instead, you could send your crypto to a hardware wallet that’s independent of any exchange. versus Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the largest and most trusted crypto exchanges. Similar to it allows you to buy, sell and trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

There are a few main differences between Coinbase and

  • Fees – is cheaper. Coinbase‘s fees are 0.5% whereas charge up to 0.40%. Coinbase also has a minimum charge. If I want to buy £100 of Bitcoin, it would cost me around £3.00. And it would cost me the same again to sell it.
  • has some excellent rewards on offer. You can get $25 for signing up, versus $10 from Coinbase. Additionally, if you go for the debit card, 1% cashback on most of your purchases sounds good to me.
  • Staking – While Coinbase has some staking features, it feels like this part of the platform is in its infancy. has a wide range of options available to maximise your returns.

Coinbase‘s main strength is simplicity. The platform is very easy to use. The app is uncluttered and straightforward to buy and sell crypto. By comparison, is a much more complex beast.

Like the sound of Coinbase? Get $10 of free Bitcoin when you buy your first $100 (around £75) of Bitcoin by using this link.

Get your free cyrpto!

There are tons of deals out there to earn free Bitcoin. The good news is that we already compiled them all for you! Including everything you need to know to earn your free Bitcoin.

Check them all out here – How to get free Bitcoin in the UK – all the current offers! review - Final thoughts is a solid platform to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. However, its killer feature is its cashback cards. Who doesn’t want cashback on everything they buy?!

These rewards do come at a price though. You’re going to have to be willing to stake at least £300. And this is money that might go to the moon…or you may never see it again! No one knows. (As the coin is so widely used though, it’s unlikely to go to the moon, so please don’t stake more than you can afford to lose.)

You also have to remember that your rewards are paid in the same currency that you’ve staked. This means you have more skin in the game. 

Investing in crypto is definitely a rollercoaster, so be prepared for some ups and downs. The cashback rewards made this a little easier to handle as I could see my CRO balance slowly growing. While there are other reward cards out there, I really like the combination of crypto and cashback, and I’ve been stacking this with my TopCashback account to maximise my savings.

If you want to kickstart your account, you can get $25 worth of CRO by following this link. Just remember, to get the reward you’ll need to stake £300 for at least six months. 

Get $25 worth of free cryptocurrency by signing up to

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