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ClearScore Review – check and monitor your credit score for free

In this ClearScore review, we look at this free, innovative service that monitors and helps improve your credit score. When the time comes for good debt, such as a mortgage, a healthy credit score is vital.

Fundamentally, a good credit score will give you access to the best financial products and the lowest interest rates. This means a good credit score can save you thousands of pounds.

Additionally, your credit score can change over time. And a significant variation could take a while to repair. This makes monitoring your credit score an essential job.

I’ve been using it for three years and I’ve tried the others as part of this ClearScore review. Personally, I’ve found ClearScore provides the most detail and has the easiest interface to use. Plus, it’s free. Nice. 

Heads up – We aim to produce honest and accurate content, however, we are not financial advisors. If you need financial advice, Unbiased can connect you with a suitable professional for free. Some of our links may earn us a small commission to help us run the site.

What is ClearScore?

ClearScore is an app and website that allows you to check and monitor your credit score for free.

Operating from the UK, Australia and South Africa, ClearScore boasts over 15 million customers.

And unlike most brands that monitor your credit score, ClearScore promises to keep its service free forever. It does this by making money from financial services companies.

ClearScore has partnered with Equifax to produce your credit report. If you are not sure how credit scores work, check out How to Improve your Credit Score in 7 simple steps.

How to check your credit score for free

You can check your credit score for free by following the steps below:

  • Sign up for ClearScore here
  • Enter your email address and set up your account. You can do this via the mobile app or website
  • Then, the home page will show your score
  • You can access your report under the Report section
  • Each month your report will be updated


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How does ClearScore work?

In the UK, there are three main Credit Reference Agencies (CRA): Equifax, Experian & TransUnion. These agencies track your financial health by monitoring how much debt you have and if you are paying it back.

This is covered in more detail in How to Improve your Credit Score in seven simple steps.

Essentially, ClearScore gets your credit report from Equifax. It then uses this information to create its own credit score.

Remember, your credit report is different from your credit score. The report is a factual report on your details and debt. A credit score is how each agency views your creditworthiness and risk.

Handily, ClearScore will also allow you to see your full credit report. This is useful, as it will show you if there is anything you might need to improve or update. Furthermore,  it allows you to monitor your report to ensure no one is taking out debt under your name.

Each CRA has a slightly different record and financial institutions may partner with different CRA’s. This means that ClearScore will only show you the Equifax point of view.

If you are getting rejected for financial products, it may be worth checking out your reports with the other CRAs.

ClearScore features

Below are the key ClearScore features and why you might find them useful:

  • Credit ScoreClearScore gives your credit report a score out of 1000. This gives you something to monitor. The higher the score the better.
  • Monthly updates – your report and score will be updated every month, helping you keep track of any changes.
  • InsightsClearScore will list the things you are doing well and what you need to improve. This helps you improve your credit score with actionable steps.
  • Payment history – see if you’ve missed a payment or if it’s been recorded incorrectly. This ensures you don’t get any negative marks against your score.
  • Identity Protection (paid feature) – this service scans the web to make sure your personal data hasn’t been compromised. There is a free and a paid option.
ClearScore - monitor your credit score for free

How much does ClearScore cost?

Unlike most other services, ClearScore is free.

However, ClearScore also offers a paid subscription. The paid account is called ClearScore Protect Plus and costs £4.99 per month. Check out below.

What is ClearScore Protect Plus?

ClearScore offers two levels of identity protection.

The first version is called ClearScore Protect and it’s free. This offers a basic level of Identity Protection which scans weekly for security updates.

The second, paid option, is ClearScore Protect Plus. This offers a more complete identity protection solution. Primarily, it offers daily updates, instant breach alerts, support and insurances to help you if you are a victim of identity fraud.

With all of your financial records now being tied to online accounts, passwords are now considered one of the easiest things to hack. Protect Plus offers a way to proactively combat these threats to your personal finances.

Check out the feature comparison below.

Features Free Plus
Instant breach alerts
Credit report updates Weekly Daily
Dedicated fraud manager
Credit report protection
Insurance Cover
Up to £5,000 cover for legal costs
Up to £2,500 living expenses cover
Emergency funds and card cancellation
Cyber security assistance
Email address
Scan Coverage
Sources Dark Web Deep and Dark Web
Scan For
Phone numbers
Date of birth
Driving licence number
National insurance number

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ClearScore review - what do customers say?

ClearScore 4 star review from Trustpilot

ClearScore review customers have given mainly four-stars across the app stores and Trustpilot. Interestingly, Apple users have rated ClearScore very high.

The app is well designed with a clean, modern feel. Your credit score is displayed on the home page. Helpfully, any changes to your report are highlighted just below your score.

And if you want to delve deeper, you can look at your credit report using the Reports tab. You should have access to the last few years of reports by simply sliding back through your timeline.

Overall, the app has one main purpose; to monitor your credit score. This means the app simply needs to help you decide if you need to take action.

Trustpilot 3.9
Apple App Store 4.8
Google Play Store 3.8

How does ClearScore compare?

Personally, I’ve been using ClearScore for about three years and have found it to be extremely useful and accurate. Because it shows me both my credit report and credit score, for me, it has the edge.

And I like that it’s free. Other providers usually charge a monthly fee for combing both these aspects.

During that time with ClearScore, my credit score has been stable so I have not needed to take any action.

I also have an account with one of the other offerings; Experian. In this case, I opted for the free plan. However, this only sends me my credit score each month and not the full report, like ClearScore. The paid option, Experian Credit Expert, costs £14.99 per month. It has some nice features, but the jump in cost is significant.

Alternatively, TransUnion also offers free access to your credit report. This is direct via their website or through 3rd party services, some of which charge a fee.

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What we like about ClearScore

  • Free Credit Report – access to your credit report for free
  • Ease of use – the interface is clean and easy to use
  • Monthly updates – allows you can track changes and keep an eye out for any negative factors
  • Insights – see what you are doing well. Plus, helpful tips to improve your credit score.

What we don’t like about ClearScore

  • Single source – your credit report is based on Equifax. Other CRA’s reports can be slightly different. That said, there isn’t currently a single app we’re aware of that can handle multiple CRA’s.
  • Marketing messages – when I first signed up, I received a large number of notifications and marketing messages. You can solve this by muting them under Communication preferences in your account settings.

ClearScore review - summary

As part of this ClearScore review, I found it offers a simple and easy way of managing an essential financial housekeeping task. It’s simply crucial for maintaining and improving your credit score.

We found ClearScore is the only provider that gives you both a credit score and your full credit report for free. Plus, the Insights are also really useful. 

Furthermore, ClearScore does offer some great advanced Identity Protection features.  Of course, these do come at a price that needs to be weighed up against the peace of mind they can bring. With that being said, no one will guarantee your identity is safe online. Even with this service, you still need to keep strong passwords and be responsible for your own security.

I’ve used the free ClearScore account for a number of years. I’ve been very happy with the information I get and the frequency of updates. For those not monitoring their credit score, this is an essential tool that costs nothing. And it’s free, so what have you got to lose?

Here’s the link to set up ClearScore and start monitoring your credit score for free.

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